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The Link Between Type 2 Diabetes and Psychiatric Disorders



Clearly this article provides expansive details regarding the links between physical health and mental health issues.  The article details the relationship between psychological and psychiatric disorders and Type 2 Diabetes as stated in the title.  “Living with mental-health disorders is challenging enough without adding physical ailments to the mix. But recent research suggests that people with psychiatric disorders also have higher rates of Type 2 diabetes, and the combination can be devastating.  “When people who have pre-existing mental illnesses develop diabetes, their outcomes are much worse,” says Anne Doherty, an associate professor of psychiatry at University College Dublin. Compared to people with Type 2 diabetes who don’t have mental illnesses, “they are more likely to develop complications, and they’re significantly more likely to die younger.” The relationship goes both ways; people with diabetes also tend to have higher rates of psychiatric disorders and face worse outcomes than people without diabetes.”  The article clearly states that there is a link between the two but not necessarily a causal relationship and further highlights the ongoing research.  The article provides numerous examples regarding how the issues of mental health and Type 2 Diabetes are found in those affected.  If  you understand the Bio-Psycho-Social Approach  (brief YouTube video) to human behavior, it becomes clear about our physical health and psychological well-being interact with each other and the social milieu.  



Time, March 10, 2022, by Sandeep Ravindran




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•What is believed to be the relationship regarding Type 2 Diabetes and Mental Health Disorders?

•How does the combination  affect  the daily lives of those who experience both of these?

•If you were a treating Psychologist working with these patients, what would be your recommendations regarding handling both the physical and mental health issues?




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