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Just How Bad Is “Gaming Addiction”?

With recent global recognition, what do we really know about gaming addiction?



Is gaming necessarily bad?  Of course not!  “For vulnerable individuals, (such as those with a genetic predisposition, co-occurring mental illness, history of trauma, or early exposure to gaming), the rewarding nature of gaming can lead to disordered or potentially addictive behavior.”  The article is a fascinating view of how for some, gaming becomes a compulsive behavior over which there is little control and how it becomes an emotion crutch of sorts.  As it turns out, some countries, particularly China and Korea, have set limits on how much time an adolescent may spend on gaming. 

“In addition, one of the most popular and widely utilized classifications of diseases officially named “Gaming Disorder” a mental illness. The International Classification of Diseases (ICD; 11th revision) released by the World Health Organization, now includes “Gaming Disorder” in the section for “Disorders due to Addictive Behaviours.” What’s more, the American Psychiatric Association included proposed criteria for “Internet Gaming Disorder” in the section for Conditions for Further Study in the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).”

This is a fascinating and easy to understand article, provides references, and may be used as the basis of a discussion around types of addictions as well as the basis of a paper for class.



Psychology Today, Posted September 6, 2021, by Amanda L. Giordano Ph.D., LPC, and Reviewed by Devon Frye



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•What is gaming disorder?   

•What are the symptoms?  What is the concern as stated in the ICD and American Psychiatric Association?

•What is the main concern regarding vulnerable adolescents and gaming?

•What are some suggested solutions as expressed by other countries and also as viewed in a 12-step program?

•Do you know an individual who fits the symptom pattern of gaming addiction?  What evidence brings you to your conclusion if you do know some one?



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