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The best optical illusions of the year 2021

(Winners for 2023 links added below)


What a great contest that challenges our sensation, perception, and cognitive functions.  This yearly contest provides absolutely phenomenal optical illusions.  The illusions are explained in terms of our perceptional and cognitive understandings.  “The annual illusion contest is run by the Neural Correlate Society, an organization devoted to promoting awareness of the science behind perception and cognition. For 17 years the annual contest has consistently delivered an assortment of compelling illusions, frequently underpinned by fascinating scientific principles.”  Check out the illusions for study at home and great illustrations in class.



New Atlas, December 29, 2021, by Rich Haridy



2021 Winners


(Tiny URL)


2023 Winners


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•What is an optical illusion?  Why are optical illusions of interest in the field of Psychology?

•How do these illustrate how our perceptual and cognitive functions operate together?

•What is the neuroscience involved in understanding how an optical illusion fools us?


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