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How Is Depression Treated? Let Me Show You



This is a most unusual article.  It is an interactive piece that takes you on a journey as both a patient and a professional.  The premise is that a depressed individual shows up at a psychiatrists office.  The interactive piece asks the reader to chose options for care that may include psychotherapy, group therapy, and medications.  The situations presented are life like and the author clearly shows many of the obstacles that prevent individuals from alleviation of the depression.  If you have the time, it is worth exploring each option to try to get an understanding of what is at stake in the treatment of depression.



New York Times,  September 27, 2022, by Awais Aftab




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•As you work your way through this interactive exercise, what are the goals for helping the individual in the examples given?    Are the goals achieved?  Why or why not?

•The author of the article deliberately sets up obstacles and barriers to recovery from the depression.  What are the particular obstacles that are being expressed in the exercise?

•In your opinion, what did you think of this type of interactive article?  What is the rationale for your opinion?


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