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Welcome to  Wiley Introductory Psychology Weekly Updates

Every Monday through June you will find wonderful resources to enhance your learning, teaching and to engage  in discussions.   With each “published” edition, you will discover two or three interesting provocative articles to use as “triggers” to discuss important issues that relate to your learning as a Psychology student, and for the professor teaching content, subject matter, and/or important issues.  The choice of the articles is such that students can find these on popular sites such as the New York Times, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, and read them without the pressure of going to the library or poring through their textbook.  The popular media choices are easy to find without the need for subscription services; these are often articles that you might have read and brought up in your class.   Further, the update will include a few questions that can be used to get a discussion started.

In addition to a listing of the articles, you will also be presented with a few websites for use in your classes, as well as personal and professional use.  The websites can be useful informative resources for both your classes and personal life.  Lastly, every week, you will find either an App Of The Week listing, occasionally YouTube video, or a Podcast that will both enhance learning, teaching and presentations.   If you have any suggestions please contact me.   

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David Berg


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