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85 Great Tech Resources for Psychology Students


Tiny Url:


This site is like a Swiss Army Knife!  Students can explore a variety of useful resources that include apps, websites, writing utilities, groups, forums, project ideas and so on.  It is worth exploring.

From the website:

“The goal of this guide is to outline the best technological “must-haves” for students of psychology and to highlight some of the most cutting edge technology to help students succeed academically, socially and professionally. While some resources will be more relevant for students at the undergraduate or graduate level, all students will find these tools an important part of the academic process.”

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Websites

Chapter 2: Apps

Chapter 3: Blogs

Chapter 4: Forums / Groups

Chapter 5: Online Organizations

Chapter 6: Online Text and Publication Services

Chapter 7: Research Resources

Chapter 8: Test Preparation and Study Aids

Chapter 9: Online Paper Writing Resources

Chapter 10: Additional Resources

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