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3 Ways to Keep Calm During Stressful Times



Oh these are tough times for students, faculty, families, and just about everyone in every category.  The pandemic has created problems and difficulties throughout our entire society, and if you are a student, then there are additional issues with maintaining yourself to be effective and successful.  Stress (link to other articles) has a way of hijacking attention, destroying focus, dragging down mood and weakening the motivation it takes to make healthy choices. It’s an understandable and natural response to bad situations, but too much stress doesn’t serve you well. Even when you can’t change your circumstances, you can make steps toward shifting your mindset.”  Handling stress doesn’t come naturally to most of us though we may have ways, mostly dysfunctional behaviors and habits, when hit with distress.  And handling stress may vary with each individual —exercise, meditation, and yoga have been found to be effective.  This article, which contains a very helpful 30 minute video, discusses how to use Mindful meditation in daily activities to manage stress.  The article also briefly discusses the brain in relation to stress.  You textbook discusses stress and health along with Positive Psychology.

Check out this other Time article that discusses various aspects of meditation.  



Time, July 8, 2020, by Mandy Oakland




(Tiny URL)



•What is stress?   What causes stress?  What happens in the body and brain due to stress? (You may want to consult your textbook)

•What is meditation?  How does it work?

•According to the article, what does a person need to do to meditate?  (check out the other Time article on mediation to learn more.)


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