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Why We Remember Music and Forget Everything Else



This is a fascinating and fun article that describes how we “remember” music as it relates to our nervous system, memory system, and personality. It is not particularly technical so it is easy and breezy to read. “People often wonder why we tend to remember songs and lyrics more easily than our own memories, where we kept our keys, and what we learned in school. It seems to be because of how often we experience music, in the world or in our minds, and the joy and emotional connection it brings us. Music represents who we are and how we feel, so of course it’s what we remember.”  The article also discusses a new on line app: HEARDLE  This is a game like Wordle  but relates to music identification.



Time, April 14, 2022, by Nayantara Dutta




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•According to the article, why do we remember music better than other aspects of our daily lives?

•What is “autobiographical memory” ?

•If you were to give a lecture to your fellow classmates, how would you describe this phenomenon to them?  What examples would you provide?


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