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How Your Brain Makes Its Own Electricity – YouTube



This is a fabulous YouTube video (approximately 20 minutes) that takes you into the inner workings of the brain and nervous system, and it’s a pure delight!.   The video describes and illustrates how the neurons operate with wonderful animations and actual views inside the cells themselves.  Also, there is a brief history of the types of research that has demonstrated the discoveries of the mystery of the nervous system.  Taking the time to watch the video will bring the chapters on the brain and nervous system to life — totally engaging.



YouTube Video by Patreon



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•After watching the video, explain how the brain makes its own electricity as state in the title.

•The video describes, as an example, stubbing one’s toe.  How is the information transmitted to the brain in terms of both touch sensation and pain sensation?

•If you were going to do a lecture on the history of the research into the nervous system, what would you emphasize as the important information for your peers to understand?


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